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Civil Litigation

James Levy is a seasoned attorney, experienced in virtually all areas of civil litigation. His job is to represent clients just like you in legal disputes.

Civil litigation differs from criminal law in that it consists of some type of disputes or relationships between individuals, rather than an arrest or other infraction of the law. Instead, cases typically arise due to a breach of duty towards another person as a result of negligence or carelessness. The courts allow individuals to sue for performance, damages, or both.

If you are considering pursuing litigation as a remedy or are already involved in a case, contact  Mr. Levy for a consultation and review of the matter from a legal perspective.  Mr. Levy’s is well-established and respected, and completely dedicated to assisting clients with competent legal representation at each stage of litigation.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is a highly specific legal process entailing procedures that must be adhered to by the plaintiff and defendant, as dictated by state and federal codes. The process begins with the plaintiff filing a complaint that must be answered by the defendant.

This is followed by what is known as “discovery,” where each side gathers information along with other relevant information. Much of this is accomplished with depositions and written question and answers.  After the discovery phase, there are motions, hearings and other actions.  However, many clients will forgo all or part of these actions, choosing instead to settle their case through mediation, arbitration or other negotiations.  However, if you do have to go to court you will want Mr. Levy by your side to fiercely litigate your case.


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